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3rd September 2013

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Okay so…

Can you get high off incense?

I’ve been burning incense in my room for around 20 minutes now.

And I feel like I’m slightly high.

Is that normal?

Or is that spiritual oneness?

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24th July 2013

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Okay so…

There’s this girl Alena who I met a while back and we started talking and got really close. She was timid about pursuing anything and I respected that so I didn’t push.

But then out of fucking nowhere she starts liking one of my closest friends and she immediately set her sights on Alyssa instead.

And we all work together.
And live together.
And now they’re fucking in the hotel room next door.

…I don’t get it…

I’m doomed.

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23rd July 2013

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Okay so…

I posted a lot of angry lesbian rants on Facebook tonight…whoops.

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10th June 2013

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Okay so…

It’s been a very interesting night.

Helped my boy revive his birthday roll
Made sure he had awesome birthday sex
Gloved for him and his girlfriend during said sex (and in doing so, crossed an item off my bucket list)

So yeah. It’s been a fun night.

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11th May 2013

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Okay so…

Last weekend I put on a pair of light show gloves for the first time and did pretty well. I got some fantastic tips, feedback, and RAVE REVIEWS. (Get it? Cause rave? Heh.)
All this week I’ve been practicing and I can tell I’ve gotten better. AND SO CAN OTHER PEOPLE. There were people that remembered me from last weekend and they all said I had gotten better. YAYUS.
Okay I’m hitting a peak now. Gonna go enjoy it.

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16th March 2013


Koala-tea Soulmate time tonight

Spent all evening with the love of my life, miss Dani.
It was essentially a perfect evening.

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15th March 2013

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Okay so….

Today I posted on Facebook a status, in which I mentioned I’d shaved my legs.
Now, it’s sooooo obvious that I’m a feminist because of all the things I post on Facebook. I’m just…I’m avid.
Anyways, someone comments “A feminist who shaves her legs?”
LEMME JUST TELL YOU HOW MAD THIS MADE ME. Feminists can take care of themselves and look nice and shave their legs and wear makeup. Not all feminists are hairy legged, dreadlock having women. Feminists, like people in general, come in all shapes and sizes.
Feminism isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s common sense.
It makes sense we’d want to be respected.
It makes sense we’d want equal wages.
It makes sense we’d want the cat calls and wolf whistles to stop.
It makes sense that we’re sick and tired of women being taught how to avoid rape instead of men being taught to avoid raping women.
It just.

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10th February 2013

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Okay so…

I go to downtown Dallas tonight to an open mic, all excited to get back into the slam poetry scene. When I get to the address (that I found on apparently an outdated website) I find not a cozy coffee shop filled with poets and hipsters, but apartment complexes.
While on my way back to my truck, these two guys start following me, calling out things like “AY BABY GIRL. AY COME ERE. AY YOU SEXY. AY SEXY GIRL.”
So I turn around to say “Please stop. You aren’t gonna get anywhere like that.” And then walked away.
(It was actually a much longer mind-numbing exchange but I’m not gonna put y’all through that.)
I’m almost to my truck when a guy pops his head out of the window of his car driving by to yell (and I quote) “AY BITCH. AY BITCH. BITCH. AYO BITCH. AY IM YELLIN ATCHU. BITCH. AY BITCH.”
Yes. He called me “bitch” 6 times and was SHOCKED when I just didn’t respond and kept walking.
Tonight was essentially a failure. I’m never going downtown again.

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8th February 2013

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Okay so…

Totally went on a date.
We watched movies and cuddled.
And ate In N Out.

Oh I also have a valentine this year.
So that’s cool.

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13th January 2013

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Okay so…

I love when I come across a porn star who accidentally looks like Lady Gaga.

Or maybe I’m just really high.

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