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21st February 2013

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15th September 2012

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wow these shoes


wow these shoes

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18th July 2012

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18th July 2012

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the hell do you want what is funny about this she does that like every song a i love her and its so pretty my warriorqueen!

now this is art!

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7th July 2012

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28th June 2012

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27th June 2012

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14th June 2012

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Can you imagine if everyday of your life if someone said who is the real you? I’m like well mother fucker, I try everyday so hard to be myself.
— Lady Gaga (via fuckyeahgagaquotes)

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13th June 2012

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Submitted by hausofalfred


Submitted by hausofalfred

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11th June 2012

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Paparazzi | Lady Gaga (No Beats, Backing Vocals, & Backing Synths)

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